What is Taby?

Taby is a pocket money app which aims to help teenagers manage your finances effectively and parents to be confident of their children's financial skills. Our first version is a savings tracker app which helps children to keep track of their savings in their piggy banks and for parents to be view and encourage your children to save.


We understand the concerns raised by some parents allowing card and digital payments for their children, our mission is to educate the younger generation with good digital financial habits and promote healthy money conversations at home yet giving the teens the trust and autonomy in handling their own money.

Who are we?

Jun Yi and Ann Qi started Taby in Stockholm under the NUS Overseas Collegesan enterprise arm of the university. During our stint in Sweden, we observed an increasing trend of card and digital payments in Stockholm and across Europe. Further research led us to uncover the prevalence of this wave of payment methods in the U.S. and parts of Asia across different types of markets. Both of us quickly saw the opportunity of this application in the teens market, and we decided to form a team consisting of 4 NUS students to make it a reality. 

Many of whom we have spoken to saw the benefits of cashless payments not only for them but for their children as well. That was how we onboarded developers, Jun Xiang and Eric, who are passionate about connecting technology to money management. The rise of card and digital payments is inevitable, and it is a matter of time countries adopt them completely. It is important to start preparing the next generation for it.

Meet our Team

Yap Jun Yi NUS



"We need to start preparing our children early as cultivating habits starts young."

Jun Xiang NUS


Full-Stack Developer

"What better way to learn to manage e-money, than to start using it?"

Neo Ann Qi NUS



"Children should get to do what they are supposed to be doing."

Eric Yang NUS


Lead Developer

"Let's give our kids an easier way to learn about money."