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Sending love across homes during festive seasons ✨

It is another festive celebration that is kept in the comforts of our homes due to the Circuit Breaker measures. Families are not able to visit each other to gather and celebrate Hari Raya as they have used to. But we can still find new ways to show our love to those that we care about, and make this Hari Raya a special one.

Video Calls

Take this time to indulge in good quality calls with your family, especially with the older generation! It is especially hard for our seniors who aren't as technologically savvy. Teach them how they can get into a call with their relatives and even friends.

Video calls can also be an opportunity for the family to get together and spend some quality time away from other distractions, make some time for everyone to gather and get on a call! The silver lining in this is that all your baking goods are now for your indulgence, and may last longer than 3 days!

Send digital money

Green Packets are something that the young ones would miss apart from the delicious bakes from the relatives. Though gatherings are restricted, there are other ways we could still show our love and concern towards them. The act of giving and receiving green packets are now available digitally! Money is never the focus, but it is fascinating to know that there are alternatives to how a tradition can adapt. Convenient yet thoughtful!

Delivering Hari Raya goodies

Everyone loves to be pampered with the delicious Hari Raya bakes. Even though we cannot hang out together, we can send over these bakes to people we love. If you did not manage to make your own, there are halal home-based sellers that you can approach to order for your friends, relatives, and even yourself. Apart from sweet snacks, they have savory options available as well.

Here's a good looking bake available on Halal Home-based F&B Facebook group by Siti Ana.

Laying flowers for the deceased

Due to the Covid-19 regulations, grave visiting is not allowed due to the limit on gatherings. As a result, families which traditionally visit the graves of their loved ones during Hari Raya are not able to pay their respects. Despite the restrictions set, florist Rohaizat and his partners, Siti Shahida and Abu had managed to request an exception to offer families his service of doing basic cleaning of the graves and laying flowers on their behalf. You can approach them on Facebook to engage their services online.


This pandemic came out of the blue and changed the whole world drastically. As much disruption it has brought to our lives, we have also seen many kind acts arise. Many had decided to give back to society such as donating their Solidarity Payment to migrant workers, altruism in distributing meals to underprivileged families or the kampung spirit by our thoughtful neighbours. The list goes on. Throughout Ramadan, our Muslim friends involved in essential services have been contributing to our community while fasting. This is the spirit that Eid Mubarak seeks to promote.

Keep your spirits high! Dress up as a family, take even more pictures to commemorate how you have gone through a year of celebration through a global pandemic. Do something to make this occasion special and memorable. When you look back to this date in the future, you will laugh and remember about the tough times when gatherings weren't allowed, and cherish each other's presence more.

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