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Release of New Features- Challenges and Insights

Saving can be hard, we know that. Being mindful of your spending may be a struggle, we understand that… but having a group of friends to do it together makes saving more enjoyable and accountable, we vow for that! Hence, we recently rolled out our new Challenges feature!

In 5 simple steps, I will be showing you how you can fully take advantage of this feature!

1. Under the ‘Taby’ tab, you can view the ‘Challenges’ and click on the 'Start a new challenge' button.

2. Scroll through the available challenges and proceed by selecting a challenge that you would like to participate.

3. Once you have selected the challenge, you will see the main activity of the challenge, a short description, ‘Duration’, ‘Check-in’ days and ‘Points’.

  • Duration - Number of days you have to the end of the challenge

  • Check-in - Day of the week you have to attempt this challenge

  • Points - Points awarded each time you check-in

At this junction, you can choose to start this challenge solo or compete with a group of friends (Be sure to add them first on Circle).

4. In the Solo mode, click ‘Start’ to begin the challenge and ‘Leave’ to exit it. You may also click ‘Edit’ to invite friends to switch to the Compete mode. Click ‘I did this’ each time you have done the activity and the score will be reflected in your system.

5. In the Compete mode, you can invite up to 3 friends to join in the fun! Once they have joined the challenge, simply click on the ‘Start’ button to begin. Click ‘I did this’ each time you have completed the activity. In the event that you found out your friend is being dishonest, you can call him out with the ‘Cheat’ button.

Alternatively, you are encouraged to create your own challenges! Simply, click “Create your own challenge” and fill in the respective fields. We are curious to see the challenges you would have in mind. Share with us on Instagram (@taby_app) and we might just offer you guys a reward for your creativity!

Besides, we have launched Insights to give you a quick snapshot of your saving and spending activities.

On the ‘Saving’ page you can view your savings for the past 6 months. The health status briefly tells you how well you are doing with saving. The screen will also reflect how much you have saved compared to the previous month, top savings tile and frequency of saving for the respective month.

On the ‘Spending’ page you can view your spending up to the past 3 months and the health status briefly tells you if you have been spending healthily. The screen will tell you how much you have spent as compared to the previous month, the difference in amount spend on needs compared to wants, your respective spendings on needs and wants, your top spending tile and frequency of spending.

Hope you will have fun navigating through the application and do follow us for more updates as we continue to improve this application to bring more value to you!


Feel free to join our Telegram Crowd Development chat if you would like to contribute ideas to the app!

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