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Teaching non-cents, is not nonsense

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Flying cars, robotic pets, and other cool innovations are what many Doraemon fans are anticipating since childhood. While some of the tools that appear in the cartoon seem impossible, the truth is that society is changing so rapidly that you never know when some things become irrelevant in our lives anymore. Kids today have never seen an MP3, a floppy disk, a payphone – all of these were still there 5 to 10 years ago. Society is changing fast, and we need to adapt how we are teaching our kids so that it keeps with the trend.

“10 cent, 50 cent, 2 dollars…” This is how parents of today are teaching their kids when it comes to the concept of money. But have we thought about how long cold, hard cash will stay? With digital payments being ubiquitous, it is a matter of time the whole society goes cashless. Just like how abacus is no longer part of the syllabus in school today, soon, the concept of dollars and cents might be phased out in our Primary 2 books. It would be as simple as teaching them about whole numbers and decimal places!

Modern parents – start giving your child real life education by helping them experience digital cash using Taby, a pocket money app for teenagers, today! Teach your kids about the future they will live in, not the past we lived in.

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