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6 Online and Offline Side Hustles for Teens that are not at Fast Food Chains

Updated: May 23, 2021

Want to earn some extra cash but unsure of where to start? According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the minimum legal age for working in Singapore is 13 years old. However, if you want to start earning earlier or find that working at fast-food chains is not exactly your tea, here are some of our recommendations!

1. Sell your notes or textbooks

Are you good at summarising textbook contents or making your notes aesthetic? Consider selling your notes to your juniors, your level mates, or even people outside your schools. Provide credibility through your academic results and give them some samples of your notes to showcase the quality of your work.

Source: makinitbetter on Carousell

Stretch out the value of your notes by offering photocopied versions for discounted rates. If you have made your notes on your computer and have the soft copies, simply print more to suit the demands or venture into selling soft copies!

Reach out to your juniors if they want to pick up your old textbooks. Adjust your prices according to the condition of your textbooks and the quality of any additional notes included. Try to sell these textbooks before there is a change of syllabus when it will be much harder to get them off your hands.

2. Tutoring

Building on the point above, if you excel academically or have certain subjects that you are good at, consider teaching. Set an hourly rate and promote your services through family and friends. You can start by offering such a service to your neighbours, as you are familiar with them and they are close by.

Tutoring is not limited to just academic subjects; you can consider teaching a skill that you are familiar with. This includes teaching how to play the piano or a language that you can write or speak fluently.

By building your experience and clientele, you can eventually charge more for the same services. Put in the effort to review your rates as well and don't forget to ask your clients for feedback to increase your credibility.

3. Utilise your hobbies to start your own business

Are you crafty? Consider making print designs and selling them.

Are you good at baking? Create a recipe and sell your baked goods.

Are you skilled in photography? Offer your photography services.

Here are some actionable steps to get you started:

  • Take the time to reflect and look at the hobbies that you can sell, in the form of an actual product or service. You’ll be surprised to see how many of your hobbies are actually sellable, one way or another.

  • Research to see the average wages and pricing before deciding on your own. Do competitor analysis for the platforms you are starting your business on.

  • Tap on platforms (e.g. Etsy or Instagram) to sell your work and maximise its features (audience insights, boosting of posts and paying for ads).

  • Engage with your audiences to build a clientele and promote your business through word of mouth from family and friends.

4. Engaging in paid surveys

Make money by sharing your opinions. There are online surveys available such as Milieu, Toluna and SurveyMonkey which offer reward points, shopping vouchers and even cash for sharing your insights on certain topics. Simply free up some time during your study breaks or before bedtime to answer them.

However, it is important to be on the lookout for scams or unreliable platforms. Be realistic with your expectations and steer clear of offers deemed too good to be true. Do also be careful of the information you provide which may be sensitive such as your name, address, contact number and personal email address. Besides, some of these paid surveys are limited and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, the fastest fingers win!

5. Selling preloved items

Is your room filled with items that you no longer need? Presents you’ve yet to open or clothes that no longer suit your tastes? Do consider selling these items online, such as through Carousell or by setting up your own blog shop on platforms like Instagram! These platforms allow you to declutter and sell your unwanted items at a negligible start-up cost.

An extra tip is to ask your parents if they have anything they want to sell or no longer need. That old furniture at your house can be a collector’s antique and may be able to fetch you some high prices! Don’t underestimate the price of your items and do some market research to see their retail price or what others are selling them for. Adjust your prices accordingly and tap on free features (if any) to further boost your sales.

6. Helping out with household chores

Want to earn extra cash but are too lazy to travel? Consider helping out with your family household chores in exchange for more allowance! Start by having a conversation with your parents to work out an allowance plan where you can get more money for each household chores you complete. Such services can include dog walking, watering plants, doing the laundry and washing the dishes.


As many of you will most likely be embarking on your first job, do take it slow and find out what works for you. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, for you wouldn’t know what it may bring! It is important to also learn and develop yourself on the job and not just solely do it for the salary. The experience is equally important too. We wish you all the best!


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