Prepare your child for a cashless future

Taby is a fun and intuitive pocket money app with a prepaid debit card designed to help parents cultivate good financial habits for your teenager in a growing cashless society.

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Cashless Society

With the rise in payment technology, businesses and consumers are adapting cashless alternatives.

Singapore is going cheque-free
in 2025, 5 years' time.

Small businesses are given grants under the Fortitude Budget 2020 to adopt cashless payments.

But how will our teenagers manage with the invisibility of cash?



Send money anytime, anywhere

Remove the hassle of remembering to withdraw and pass cash to your child. Send them pocket money via the app. You can even schedule regular allowance disbursements so there's no hungry child.

Oversee what your child is spending on real-time

Invisibility creates a trust barrier with your child. Stay up to date with their spending habits to help them to better manage their spending by knowing their expenditures.

Cultivate good savings behaviour

Habits have to be cultivated since young. Be the reason they learn to be prudent by encouraging them to save through our savings and rewards programme.

Card lost? No worries!

Lock your child's card immediately through the mobile app to prevent misuse of funds. 


Pay with speed and convenience

Transactions are fast and smooth with cashless payments. Pay at self-checkout counters and spend with your very own card. Furthermore, you will not lose your money anymore.

Track your expenses

Couldn't remember where the $2 in your wallet went? Never lose track of your spending and transactions as they are all recorded.

Effective tools for savings

A dollar a day equals to $365 a year. See your seemingly insignificant daily saving adding up to so much more! We promise that saving will be rewarding.

Have fun saving with your friends

Not only do you get to save, but you also get to save with friends as well. Check out on your friends' saving progress and encourage each other on your journey to be a better saver.

*Illustrations courtesy of Valerio Pini



We believe in experiential learning, doing is better than talking. So we let the teens take the action with the guidance from their first teachers, their parents.


Trust your child to handle their

cashless money in real-time


It's all about your family, manage and overlook all children in one place


With gamification, Taby makes money an interesting topic of discussion

What can you expect?

Taby cashless

Bridge the money gap between your family with Taby today

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