Start tracking your savings with us today!

Keep track of your goals progress with Taby by updating your tiles each time you add money to your piggy bank!

As a parent, you could create an own account and add your children to view their goals and support them in it.


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Taby is a fun and intuitive pocket money app with a prepaid debit card designed to help parents cultivate good financial habits for your teenager in a growing cashless society.

What do we offer? (coming soon!)


We believe in experiential learning, doing is better than talking.

Teens can take guided action from their first teachers, their parents.




Are you a


Unclear of how much to give your children for their allowance? Want to teach them about money but you don't know how?

Child / Teen

Don't have enough allowance left? Cash strapped with no accessible solution when you spend?


Parent's Features

2. Send money anytime, anywhere

1. Understand their saving habits

(Beta Launch!)

4. Lock card if suspicious

Hover over the feature to understand more

Cashless version coming out soon!

3. Encourage savings in a fun way


Teen's Features

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1. Save up for your goals (Beta Launch!)

3. Get rewarded for saving

4. Keep track of your expenses

2. Save together with family and friends

Cashless version coming out soon!

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Taby cashless

Let's bridge the gap in money between children and parents 


Cashless payment coming soon!

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